There are two type of Checker Plate

  • Hot Rolled
  • Cold Press / Embossed

From the picture below we can saw that the process of cold press checker plate forming.

Picture below show back side of
Checker Plate.

We are mainly selling Cold Press method for our checker plate product.

The pattern is different in each area, but our checker plate pattern is acceptable in global.

Checker plate are widely use in:

  • Anti-slip floor
  • Lorry Body
  • Industrial Plant
  • Laboratory
  • Automobile Floor
  • Stairs
  • Automobile Stairs
SS Grade Thickness Coverage Width Coverage Length Coverage
304 316L 1.5mm – 6mm 1219mm or 1524mm 4 feets or 5 feets 2438mm or 3048mm 8 feets or 10 feets

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